The Complete Guide to Wearing a Kilt at Your Wedding

The Complete Guide to Wearing a Kilt at Your Wedding

How to Wear a Kilt to Your Wedding

Wearing a kilt to a wedding is a special occasion that requires careful planning. It is important to respect the couple’s wishes and choose a semi-formal outfit based on an Argyll jacket.

If you have Scottish ancestry, wearing your clan tartan is a powerful way to honor your heritage. Otherwise, you can choose a universal tartan that adds a sophisticated look to your outfit.

The History of Kilts

The kilt is a distinctive Scottish garment that has undergone a remarkable transformation in the 21st century. Kilts are increasingly being worn at weddings as a way to honor Scotland’s rich cultural traditions and heritage.

Today, men in Scotland (and Scots by descent living abroad) wear kilts for many formal occasions, including weddings. They also wear them less formally, such as with a sweater and hiking boots at rugby matches or while hitchhiking overseas.

The kilt has also become popular among non-Scotsmen seeking to project a confident, masculine image, possibly due to the success of films such as Rob Roy and Braveheart that depict Highlanders as heroic warrior heroes. Couples are also choosing to use sustainable kilts at their weddings, ensuring that the attire is ethically-sourced and produced using environmentally responsible production methods. This conscientious trend in matrimonial fashion is helping to reshape the industry and leave a positive impact on the environment.


A kilt is a unique way to celebrate your Scottish heritage at your wedding. The kilt is also a great conversation piece and can make your big day an unforgettable event for all of your guests.

The pinning of the tartan is an ancient tradition that involves a member of the Groom’s family presenting a sash or brooch in their clan tartan to the Bride as a symbol of welcoming her into the family and clan. This is typically done after the announcement that the couple is now married.

Clan tartans, which come in over 200 varieties, are an ideal choice for grooms because they connect generations and honor the family’s Scottish heritage. However, if you are looking for a more modern look you can choose from a variety of other fabrics such as leather, utility, and hybrid kilts. These kilts offer a more casual and comfortable option that is also suitable for outdoor weddings.


The kilt is a unique addition to any wedding and can provide a beautiful, traditional look. Whether the couple has requested that guests wear kilts or it is a personal choice, there are many styles of kilt outfit to choose from.

For a formal evening wedding, a Prince Charlie jacket is a great choice for men to wear, while a semi-formal daytime wedding may require a traditional Argyll coat. Guests can also choose to wear a tweed jacket for a more casual look or even a classic business suit.

For a more modern twist, some groomsmen may wear a kilt outfit that features more than one clan or family tartan to create a colorful and personalized look. Other options include a hybrid kilt that blends traditional and modern styles, or a leather kilt for a more rugged look. Finish the look with ghillie brogues or dress shoes, and accessorize with a sporran or a kilt pin to complete the outfit.


The accessories you choose can really help to dress up or down a kilted wedding outfit. Shoes are important, with ghillie brogues preferred for a formal Prince Charlie outfit or a pair of smart buckle shoes for a more informal look. Kilt hose will also need to match the accent colour of your kilt. You will want to avoid pure white hose, as these are typically reserved for piper outfits and frowned upon for most other attire.

The neckwear will also be a factor, with ruche or bow ties the traditional choice for winged collared shirts. For a more formal kilted look, a plain tie in either black or matching the jacket will add a touch of elegance.

Finally, a full dress sporran will add to the overall formality of your outfit. This will typically have a metal top called a cantle and a fur body. Flashes can also be added to the sporran to give it an extra touch of style.

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