A Gift Guide for Celebrating 9th Wedding Anniversary

A Gift Guide for Celebrating 9th Wedding Anniversary

9 Year Anniversary Gifts That Show Just How Much You Care

Nine years together is a huge milestone that deserves to be celebrated. Choose a thoughtful gift for your partner that reflects the strength of your relationship.

The traditional ninth wedding anniversary gifts are pottery and willow wood, which represent transformation. You can also opt for a modern gift, like leather, which represents strength, resilience and flexibility.


While it might not get the same attention as the 10-year mark, reaching your 9th wedding anniversary is still a major milestone worth celebrating. Whether you want to stay with traditional ninth-anniversary gifts or opt for modern options, we’ve got plenty of unique gifts that show just how much you care about your spouse.

Pottery is the traditional gift for a nine year marriage, as it represents a simple natural element (clay) that’s been transformed into something beautiful over time. Willow wood is another traditional choice, as it’s used for wicker and rattan goods and is strong yet flexible, just like your marriage.

You can also embrace the modern theme of leather for your ninth wedding anniversary, as it represents durability, flexibility, and warmth – just like you and your partner. Pair it with a meaningful gift like this personalized photo frame that can be filled with a special snapshot of the two of you.


Willow is a tree that symbolizes flexibility and adaptability, two qualities that are important to a strong marriage. Its branches can be woven to create beautiful but resilient items, like this charming picnic basket. In addition, the willow is a symbol of life as it is easily able to grow from cuttings.

If you are looking for a thoughtful gift that celebrates the flexibility of your relationship, this is a great option. You can also customize it to make your partner feel special.

A personalized bookmark is another thoughtful gift that will remind your partner of you every time they read a book. It is also a great gift for any bookworm. If your partner loves to work from home, this leather briefcase from Aspinal of London is a stylish choice that will let them carry all the necessities for their day in one place. It can be engraved with your message for a personalized touch.


Nine years together is a big deal. Show your partner how much you care with a heartfelt gift that celebrates this milestone anniversary. Whether you opt to stick with the traditional or modern 9 year anniversary gifts, there are tons of options to choose from!

If you prefer to go with a modern present, try a stylish leather wallet. This smart option features a clever ejectable card tray and anti-skimming technology to protect your loved one’s finances. It also comes in a variety of colors and can be monogrammed for an extra special touch.

If you’d rather honor your partner with something traditional, opt for a woven basket or a chic handbag. Both are perfect for everyday use and will help your spouse keep their belongings organized. If you want to up the ante, consider adding a hidden surprise inside—like tickets for a fun date night experience!

Other Ideas

Whether your spouse is an avid journaler or simply likes to keep notes, a softbound leather notebook is an excellent ninth anniversary gift. Consider getting it personalized with their initials or name to make it more thoughtful.

If they have reached this major marriage milestone, a fun date night activity set will help them rekindle their connection and memories together. It can include things like a map of your favorite restaurants, a quiz with questions about your favorite date nights and more.

Lapis lazuli is the gemstone traditionally associated with the nine-year anniversary, and it is a semi-precious stone of celestial blue that represents wisdom and truth. Pair it with a poppy, which symbolizes memory and imagination, or a Bird of Paradise flower that stands for joy and fidelity, to create a mesmerizing necklace they will love. You can even have it engraved with their wedding date to make it more meaningful.

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